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Inspired by French simplicity, designed & made in Australia.

Two Sydney girls founded Pasduchas with a simple aim. To create clothing with the sleek contours & bold silhouettes of Australian fashion yet tied back with the modern simplicity of the French. Their leap of faith created a distinct new voice of edgy femininity in design.

Evolving from the ballet phrase meaning 'catlike leap' the name Pasduchas pays homage to that leap & each & every one since as they continue to challenge traditional design  manufacturing.

All materials are sourced, patterns drawn, fabric cut & bold new pieces created within Sydney. Keeping all manufacturing local demonstrates a passion for a transparent production chain, high standards of quality control & the founders commitment to staying actively involved in every aspect of the label.

Welcome to Pasduchas. Worry about pronouncing it later, first just have a look around...

Odette MidiOdette Midi

PasduchasOdette Midi
$449.00  $359.20

Ariel MidiAriel Midi

PasduchasAriel Midi
$259.00  $189.95

Lyric MidiLyric Midi

PasduchasLyric Midi
$249.00  $199.95

Beau Cut Out MidiBeau Cut Out Midi

PasduchasBeau Cut Out Midi
$269.00  $199.95

Vice Shoulder MidiVice Shoulder Midi

PasduchasVice Shoulder Midi
$299.00  $229.95

Displaying 1 to 41 (of 41 products)
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