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Fresh Soul
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Fresh Soul is a Sydney based label created in 2003. It blends distinctive styling of day to night wear at affordable price points.

Since its arrival on the Australian fashion scene, Fresh Soul has quickly grown into a well established nationwide brand, bringing the latest trends to our legions of loyal fans. Emphasizing on detail & quality, Fresh Soul blends ‘of the moment’ statement pieces whilst maintaining the labels’ classic fresh style. 

Monet DressMonet Dress

Fresh SoulMonet Dress
$149.95  $104.95

Empress DressEmpress Dress

Fresh SoulEmpress Dress
$159.95  $95.95

Anastasia DressAnastasia Dress

Fresh SoulAnastasia Dress
$149.95  $104.95

Dignified DressDignified Dress

Fresh SoulDignified Dress
$179.95  $125.95

Perception DressPerception Dress

Fresh SoulPerception Dress
$159.95  $112.00

Samba DressSamba Dress

Fresh SoulSamba Dress
$159.95  $129.95

Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 products)
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