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Cooper St represents the high streets of London, the pulse of Soho, New York right through to the overt glamour of LA woven into a tapestry of femininity and all things diversely  beautiful here in Australia. Our pursuit of runway worthy styling accented with our own Cooper flavour challenges our creativity with each new offering.

Beginning with a small stall in trendy Paddington Markets Sydney over 20 years ago, Craig Cooper developed Cooper St Clothing into the successful label it is today. Cooper St has swiftly evolved as a strong competitor amongst the fashion stakes with a central focus on innovation through eclectic charm designed for girls and women with a heightened sense of playful eccentricity, mystery and style.

Our knack for capturing the ever changing ‘vogue’ of the now is pivotal to the Cooper St philosophy that fashion is inspiration through expression. With a fresh range almost every month of the year combined with a full throttle fashion approach we have a new team, a new look and a new lease on a fashionable life.

Amaya DressAmaya Dress

Cooper StreetAmaya Dress
$169.95  $135.95

Displaying 1 to 24 (of 24 products)
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